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The Self Defence Academy
Krav Maga Global
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Come and join our popular Krav Maga Self Defence classes. Learn Martial Arts in a very safe, ego free and friendly environment. 

Whether you are a lady, a man, or a teen we have a class for you. You can take part in our classes no matter what skills or abilities you have. We welcome beginners, intermediate

and advanced martial arts practitioners.  

Krav Maga as a Self Defence system is very easy to learn because it is based on natural movements of a human body. Some Martial Arts require lots of flexibility and big muscles. Krav Maga Self Defence doesn't. Of course strength and good flexibility is a plus, but it is not a must. 

Our Adults & Teens Krav Maga Self Defence classes are taught to the highest standard of the Krav Maga Global (KMG) syllabus. To find out more about KMG click here.


Our Martial Arts classes will give you an opportunity to learn valuable Martial Arts and Self Defence skills, lose weight, get fitter, stronger and more confident.


​You will train in a safe environment and in the association of likeminded friendly people, who love and practice all sorts of Martial Arts and Self Defence, as we are totally unbiased, non-judgemental club. 


Join us, make new friends and most importantly, have fun.


​Join us for a trial class. Book a space online or call on 07590 650338.

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Adults & Teens Classes

Tuesdays & Thursdays 19:00-20:00  

Northwood School, Pinner Rd, Northwood. HA6 1QN

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Adults & Teens Classes

Mondays & Wednesdays 19:00-20:00  

Oxford High School, Belbroughton Road, Oxford. OX2 6XA

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St Albans
Adults & Teens Classes

Tuesday & Thursday 17:00- 18:00 

Loreto College

Hatfield Road, St Albans. Al1 3RQ

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