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Self Defence

The Self Defence Academy
Krav Maga Global
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It is said that if you want to enjoy peace you have to be prepared to go to war. The need for self defence on a global political level and on an individual level has and will always be there. This is why people have been practicing different martial arts and self defence systems.

Imi Lichtenfeld, the Founder of Krav Maga, said "Practice Krav Maga so that you can walk in peace". There will always be someone who will want to infringe on your property, belongings, positions, achievements etc. There will always be someone who will disagree with you because they will have different view on things. That is just reality. 


When we look at self defence, we can think of it in three categories:

- Mental self defence

- Verbal self defence

- Physical self defence

Mental Self Defence

What do we understand by mental self defence? In plane words it is situational awareness. 

It is being aware of where I am now, where I am going, what hazards might be present there, can I avoid those hazards. But correct mental self defence is not just being aware of one's surroundings but also one's own abilities to deal with a potential confrontation or attack. Usually people practicing martial arts understand their abilities better than those who don't. 


Verbal Self Defence 


One of the great self defence weapons we all poses and carry constantly with us is our voice. 

Yes, voice can indeed be used for self defence. Strong, loud, assertive words such as "back off", or "go away" can deter the assailant from further attacks. Voice used in self defence attracts attention of other people, something that any bully does not like. Voice can deter the bully and deescalate the situation. 


Physical Self Defence  

If we do not manage to deter the aggressor with our voice we may have to take to physical self defence. That means in simple words fighting the aggressor off. If we practiced some martial arts and self defence techniques we should be able to use appropriate self defence techniques and hopefully defend ourselves from the assailant.  

Krav Maga self defence system teaches how to effectively use all three types of self defence. 

Mental, verbal and physical self defence in reality become one technique for a skilled Krav Maga practitioner. We would therefore like to encourage all people to attend our martial arts and Krav Maga self defence classes we run in Oxford and Northwood and practice self defence as regularly as possible.

As the saying goes "practice makes perfect". So the more we practice the more confident in self defence we will be. With regular practice our ability to defend ourselves and our loved ones will rapidly increase. 

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