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PRIVATE 1-2-1 
martial arts & krav maga
self defence classes

The Self Defence Academy
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Self Defence & Martial Arts in the form of private sessions 

Are you thinking about learning martial arts and self defence but you feel more comfortable training on your own rather than in a large group?

Are you a hard working person with a busy work schedule?

Would you like to train martial arts and self defence when it suits you?


If your answer is yes to any of those questions then you are at the right place. Here at The Self Defence Academy we offer private 1-2-1 martial arts and Krav Maga self defence classes where you can train either on your own or with your close friends or family members. 


Check our members’ testimonials here.

To find out more about Krav Maga Gradings click here.

To see what weapons we use click here.

Private classes are a great form of martial arts and self defence training because they can be tailored according to your needs and requirements. You can work on your self defence skills, fitness and flexibility whenever and wherever it suits you.

Our Chief Instructor Jack will be happy to discuss your fitness goals with you.


In martial arts and particularly in Krav Maga self defence training you will be learning basic fighting skills such as punching, kicking and grappling. You will also learn defences against common type of weapons such as a baseball bat, knife, handgun, bottle, stone etc. Click here to learn more about what weapons we use.

For our Gallery click here​.


Call or WhatsApp Jack 07590650338

Or contact us here.

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Adults - £50/h 1 adult in a session,

              £70/h 2 adults in a session,

              £90/h 3 adults in a session.

Kids/Teens - £40/h 1 kid in a session,

                        £50/h 2 kids in a session,

                        £60/h 3 kids in a session.


Covering Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and North Greater London. An extra charge for petrol may be added if we need to drive very far to meet our clients.

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