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According to statistical data, in the UK every 1 in 4 women will be abused or assaulted at some point in their life. And the number may be even higher because many cases get never reported.

In The Self Defence Academy we care about girls and young women safety. That is why we regularly deliver Martial Arts and Self Defence seminars in many High Schools and Colleges across the country.


These Martial Arts workshops are designed not just for young girls but for females of all ages. They are practical in a sense that they educate students in terms of situational awareness, de-escalation of conflicts and most importantly prevention of potential confrontational situations. The best form of Self Defence is not to get in a dangerous situation in the first place.

Our Self Defence seminars address typical threats including bullying, domestic violence, stalking, harassment, sexual assaults, and many others.

While the underlying theme is safety and simplicity, our Martial Arts and Self Defence Krav Maga seminars include both theoretical and practical physical training and simulations of real-life scenarios. We only focus on interventions that are realistic. ​


In our Martial Arts and Self Defence seminars we aim to cover the following areas:

- Increase of situational awareness using threat recognition.

- Ability to read the body language of the assailant.

- Ability to set emotional and physical boundaries.

- Understanding and making use of one’s own voice, facial expressions and body


- Tactical behaviour and ability to choose an appropriate course of action.

- Understanding different methods of de-escalation in Martial Arts.

- Ability to attack preemptively should the de-escalation methods not have an effect on the aggressor.

- Realistic physical Self Defence techniques designed to work in stressful situations to help you escape, buy time or get help or get to a safer position.

- Evidence gathering before, during and after a recognised assault and understanding the forensic process

- Use of common objects in Krav Maga for shielding oneself from the attacker

- Use of improvised weaponry or legal self-defence weapons/alarms in self-defence according to the UK law

In The Self Defence Academy we believe that well educated and trained girls and women can defend themselves against any form of bullying, harassment or attack. We give our students confidence and self-belief that arise from high quality training in Martial Arts and Krav Maga Self Defence. We proud ourselves in teaching the original Krav Maga self defence skills. We enable girls and young women to develop inner confidence that they can live a life without fear, a life where they can defend themselves and their loved ones in any situation and against any form of mistreatment, abuse or assault.

Martial Arts and Self Defence training for girls and women is just as important as it is for boys and men, especially in today’s dangerous society. If you like Martial Arts are interested in Krav Maga Self Defence training we would be delighted to welcome you to one of our classes. Why not give it a try. Simply click on the link below and book yourself for a trial class.

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