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Krav maga global eyal yanilov open seminar in hatfield

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Members of The Self Defence Academy had a great opportunity to attend an Open Seminar led by the one and only, Master Eyal Yanilov from Israel. Eyal is a direct disciple and a close friend of the late Imi Lichtenfeld, the Founder of Krav Maga. The Seminar took place on Sunday 8 May 2022 at the Hertfordshire Sports Village, Hatfield.

Many martial arts and self defence enthusiasts from all around the country gathered to learn Krav Maga directly from Eyal, who is a true reservoir of wisdom and knowledge. Eyal has taught Krav Maga for the last 40 years and is the Director of Krav Maga Global (KMG), the world's biggest and most professional Krav Maga organization. To find out more about KMG please click here.

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